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PFC Message from Chairperson

Message from chairman !

   Posta Raj Timilsena

Education, health and sports, these three things are interdependent with each other and only if we can advance these three things in parallel, then life can be progressed correctly.

To be successful and capable, a person needs to be strong physically, mentally and academically. Only when a person becomes successful and capable can he/she give something to the society and move forward in the direction of social transformation.

Still, there has been no change in the attitude towards sports in our society. It is considered as a personal preference.

But if that is not the case, now it should be seen in general with education and health. Just as the three legs of Odan play a meaningful role, it is necessary to look at it in connection with education and health today.

Therefore, “Patihani Football Club” was established in the year 2077 under the leadership of the active youths of Ward No. 13, 14 and 22 of Bharatpur Metropolitan City under Chitwan District and under the patronage of intellectual and social personalities.

This club started with the basic mantra of “one team, one dream” and it was created with the main objective of providing new opportunities to the youth and children by organizing the history of the football game in Patihani region and changing it according to the times. I am proud to inform you that we have moved forward with the goal of reaching the league and establishing the organization as a national level football club.

Not only this, it has been giving various trainings in its own field and has also contributed to social work by cooperating with various social organizations. With the slogan “Education along with sports” it has advanced the plan to train brothers and sisters at the school level in the direction of implementation, while with the slogan “Sports along with tourism” it has put forward a strategy to move forward in cooperation with organizations related to tourism in the region for the promotion of tourism in this region.

At this time, we have also completed the work of building the website of the organization with the idea of bringing the activities of the club to everyone and advancing the organization digitally.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the organizations and individuals who have supported and supported us financially, morally and materially. Thank you!

Patihani Football Club