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PFC About us

Founded on 2077 B.S, with a slogan of “One Team One Dream”, Patihani Football Club is a non-profit organization. The club is headquartered at Chitwan; however, it is actively operating at Bharatpur municipality at ward 13, 14 and 22.

To understand the origin of Patihani Football Club, we should sneak back 4 decade ago. Football as a game was introduced during 2040’s, in Sabik Partihani VDC ward number 4, at Sundarbasti where the Gaucharan grass land was designated for playing football.

Under the leadership of Swargiya Shree Suryamani Pathak Jiu, the first Pathihani football team was formally formed, and this team participated in various football tournaments which were organized within the district.

The team initiated by him is the first formal football team of Pathihani. Swargiya Shree Suryamani Pathak Jiu has continuously worked and contributed throughout his life time for the welfare and development of football game. Pathihani football club is very grateful and thankful for his contribution. We have seen the quality of the game as well as the interest for football has significantly increased over the period of time. Pathihani football Club had established itself as the power house of Chitwan district by 2050’s.

By then, Gaucharan field was hosting various local football tournaments. Lok Bahadur Gharti, Jitu Mahato, Bishnuraj Mahato, Jeewan Mahato, Man Bahadur Gurung, Krishna G.C, Shiva Diyali were some of the popular football players during that time. Similarly, Tulsi Gurung, Amar Poudel, Manoj Malla, Sukh Bahadur BK, Prabin Gurung, Suresh Chaudhary, Yadu Pandey, Bikash Shrestha, Suman Pathak, Dinesh Gurung, Santosh Gurung, Dinesh Mahato were amongst the popular players of last generation. But by 2060’s, the football as a game has seen a downfall due to various reasons. The name of Patihani Football team had somehow lost the popularity within the district. While football game had drastically seen rise in popularity and lucrative commercial aspects throughout the world, however our football team has been limited in the villages, wards and Gaucharan field only.

Pathihani football Club is formed under the leadership of motivated youths, not only to regain the charm and popularity of football game like previous decades, but also make it commercially lucrative with various initiatives.

Mission & Vision Statements

    • One Team, One Dream
    • Lets Play C division with 5 years


    1. To run the grassroots football program
    2. To organize football training course by professional license holder coach
    3. To producing professional football players
    4. To organize different kinds of football events
    5. To participant in different kinds of Football tournament